MCS Slaughterhouse

MCS Slaughterhouse


Our company won the construction of the kitchen of the restaurant planned at the site of MCS Salguhterhouse Ltd., Which employs more than 600 people.


The assignment of Eurest Étteremüzemeltető Kft. included the complete kitchen technology implementation with cold rooms, Silko cooking line, Winterhalter dishwashing technology and - last but not least - four Rational combi ovens.

In consultation with the customer, the technological background has been designed to meet the needs of the employer and its employees in all respects, as well as the special requirements of the given workplace. It was important to be able to operate the kitchen efficiently even at maximum capacity and to use technology that supports rational operation.

The SILKO cooking line is a flexible and efficient solution for high-traffic kitchens. It serves the needs of professional restaurants: due to its practical design, it is easy and hygienic to use, and a wide variety of menu lines can be prepared with evenly high quality. Rational combi ovens also make life in the kitchen much easier. In addition to baking and steaming, many operations can be performed with the equipment. The Rational oven works fully automatically, no supervision is required. Winterhalter is a customized, reliable and economical solution in dishwashing technology. It provides a comprehensive system consisting of a dishwasher, water treatment, dishwashing detergents and suitable accessories, which optimizes the entire work process. The equipment is made in Germany and Switzerland in the highest quality.

In addition to the kitchen technology construction, the assignment of Agrikon Alfa's specialists also covered the design, construction and licensing of the kitchen fire extinguishing system (ANSUL).