Lakitelek Folk High School

Lakitelek Folk High School


The reconstruction of the Lakitelek Folk High School, which receives several thousand domestic and foreign guests every year, provided an excellent opportunity.

Our company has been commissioned to complete the reconstruction and increase the capacity of the kitchen serving  at the renewable catering unit.

The aim of the investment was to create a kitchen that is suitable in all aspects to service different events at the People's College. During the preparation of the plans, we proposed solutions that take into account the function of the facility, the expected traffic and the needs of the guests, and at the same time allow the operator to operate economically. The plans and the list of equipment that is an integral part of it were constantly agreed upon.

In order to be able to implement the kitchen technology designed according to the customer's needs, maximum precision and quality work was required during the construction on the part of investors, contractors and the industry - considering the financing of the investment on the basis of a very strict procedure and control.

In addition to our own designed and manufactured stainless steel furniture and complete serving line, the renovated 400-serving kitchen - thermical and other functional equipment from well-known brands on the market help the staff.