Interspar restoration and toGo

Interspar restoration and toGo


The renovation of the InterSpar Store in Dunaújváros and the SPAR toGO department was a multifaceted task for our Company.


During the planning, our goal was to continue thinking about the operation of the toGO kitchens together with the customer and to find solutions that support the work of the people working there from a practical point of view, and thus enable flexible and high-quality service.

During the renovation of the store, we provided the refrigeration equipment that allowed the smooth operation of the store part, which was open during the transition period, to run smoothly. In addition, we took care of the temporary placement of Agrikon Alfa products and equipment, which the owner also insisted in the renovated store due to their good quality and reliability.

Following the complete shutdown of the store, a detailed survey of the Interspar Store took place in early February 2020, and then the planning and production of the necessary items could begin. As a result, everything was in place during March, and first the store and then the SPAR toGO department were able to open their doors to customers.

Agrikon Alfa products in the InterSpar Store in Dunaújváros:

  • rear wall counters behind meat counters (meat-delicacy-cheese-bakery) with stainless steel frame, with wooden covering in accordance with the uniform SPAR design on the front side,
  • stainless steel tables, wall shelves, knife disinfectants, and refrigerators,
  • refrigeration chambers stainless steel fixed shelf storage racks.

The following Agrikon Alfa products have been installed in the SPAR toGo department after the placement of the display counter developed by SPAR:

  • recessed water bath with automatic water filling and glass body with lighting and heating (developed last year)
  • complete pizza line: Pizza dough preparation hot press, small utensils, PIZZA fridge with granite top, 9xGN1 / 3 overhead cooler, pizza oven, and serving counter for pizza hot plate, and infrared lamp.
  • Rational hot-air oven-steamers, SILKO fryers
  • stainless steel preparation tables, refrigerators, trash items, tray holders, storage racks, knife disinfectants
  • guest space with tray holder, microwave, and SPAR design trash can.