Hotel Clark - a piece of history

Hotel Clark - a piece of history


The specialists of Agrikon-Alfa undertook the construction of the first Beef bar in Hungary


One of the most special boutique hotels in the capital, Hotel Clark, was built in the middle of Budapest, in the historical downtown formed by the Castle and the Chain Bridge. The investor considered it a defining task to create a restaurant that could step out of the traditional hotel restaurant framework and be placed on the gastro map of the capital in its own right. In other words, it becomes part of the city - in the best sense of the word.

The most appropriate format for this was the Beefbar concept. The restaurant menu is based on high-quality, special meats, but the menu also includes souffles, salads and even street food - of a similarly impeccable standard.

Therefore, there was a need for a kitchen that met high expectations and provided an unforgettable gastronomic experience for the cosmopolitan clientele. In connection with Beefbar, we are especially proud to implement an exclusive, custom-designed bar, showroom and backdrop kitchen.

Several solutions of the Beefbar in Budapest served as a model for the construction of the franchise's restaurant in Paris, which is a huge recognition for us.