BUDAPART – Óbuda Gate Foodcourt

BUDAPART – Óbuda Gate Foodcourt


The most impressive building of the new district in Kopaszi Dam is the BudaPart Gate Office Building, where we have set up the most modern food court and small café in the area.

Eco-friendly state-of-the-art technology and careful engineering design have created an atmosphere that harmonizes and inspires with the natural environment.

When designing the Óbuda Gate Food Bar, the investor set the goal of creating one of the best food bars and small cafés in the city. This required a kitchen that was able to meet the special needs arising from the operation of the office building. So where the smell of locally baked pastries, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee in the morning smoothes the nerves strained by the rush, and where it’s good to relax from the hectic office rhythm until we have a healthy lunch at noon.

Based on the customer's needs, our specialists have developed a unique serving counter line that meets the expectations of the food bar employees and the guests. Environmentally conscious and energy-saving operation, optimal use of space and stylish, environmentally friendly design all played an important role in the development of kitchen technology. One of the guarantees of the quality service is the RATIONAL cooking pot, which debuted in the Óbuda Gate Food Bar - with great success. Cooking under optional pressure speeds up the cooking process by up to 35%. IVarioBoost adjusts the pressure at the touch of a button and keeps it constant. It preserves the cellular structure of the ingredients, while preparing the food in the shortest possible time. Safe, simple, easy to keep clean, maintenance free! The kitchen has built-in AFINOX refrigerated workbenches, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a practical, easy-to-clean, energy-saving refrigerated workbench. The equipment is available in several sizes and equipment, so you can choose the type that best suits the location. Important elements of the kitchen are the LAINOX combi ovens, of which 10 and 20 trays have also been installed. Easy to use but robust, recommended for everyone, yet advanced, traditional but rich in content, soothing and efficient ovens.

The Óbuda Gate Food Bar is a modern and stylish restaurant adapted to the 21st century office environment, which gives a new interpretation to the concept of fast food and is worth visiting at any time of the day.