Agrikon-Alfa kitchen & restaurant at Ikea

Agrikon-Alfa kitchen & restaurant at Ikea


In the summer of 2016, the Swedish furniture giant commissioned Agrikon Alfa Kft. to implement the most modern concept in Central Europe


IKEA Soroksár/Budapest

In the summer of 2016, the Swedish furniture giant commissioned Agrikon Alfa Kft. to implement the most modern concept in Central Europe, which could become a benchmark for food courts.

Several kitchen technology sections have been set up in the furniture store in Soroksár. On the ground floor, in addition to the Swedish Shop and the Hot-dog and soft drink department, there are cold rooms, storage rooms and waste storage rooms - the latter, of course, in an area that is adequately separated from customers. The two central parts of the upstairs section are: a café equipped with professional machines and a restaurant suitable for preparing 6,000 portions of food per day.

The defining element of the restaurant is the 41-meter-long serving counter, which represents a unique system - due to both its size and design. The design of the central counter section, which is suitable for the visual preparation of refrigerators, beverage coolers, warmers and freshly baked dishes, and the construction of the connection points required a high degree of precision and attention.

Billenő tálcás fiók az Ikea étterem kiszolgáló részén

About half a hundred points had to be added for the proper operation of refrigeration and ventilation technology, high-quality kitchen technology and other mechanical engineering. All this was done through the concrete floor, with millimeter accuracy in the right positions.

The kitchen behind the sideboard is not wall-mounted: customers can keep track of all work processes. Equipment - pressure cookers, combi ovens, automatic fryers, etc. - they are suitable for all needs, as has already been proven in daily practice.

Behind the kitchen, refrigerated preparation and storage rooms have been set up, integrated with a freezer compartment. For energy-saving and climate-friendly operation, we were looking for a cooling technology solution that guarantees the efficient operation of the system. The aggregators of the cooling chambers and the refrigeration equipment in the counters and in the kitchen were placed on the roof by our specialists, with the construction of a wiring network consisting of more than 500 m of copper pipes. As a result, the aggregators do not heat the air-conditioned guest room, so the appropriate cooling capacity can be effectively ensured. The system excelled in 2019, one of the hottest summers of all time.

During the investment, occupational health and safety was a priority. The construction of the store was based on the BREEAM environmentally conscious building rating system.

Our designers and developers were in close contact with IKEA's team of experts when designing furniture and technological processes. The individual ideas and needs of the customer played a decisive role throughout, as did the quality. Only high-end machines and equipment have been installed in the kitchen technology sections. The equipment manufactured by Agrikon Alfa accounted for almost 65% of the total equipment line - without exception, with a special design.

Services provided by Agrikon-Alfa:

  • Planning
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • On-site installation
  • Education
  • Service