Robot welding

Robot welding

In the case of larger volumes and tasks requiring high repeatability, we offer the possibility of manufacturing on a welding robot in order to find the most optimal solution for the needs of our customers.



Our welding robots have a high-efficiency, double workstation, as a result of which the preparation and machine main times can be well coordinated, thus maximizing production capacity. Typically for robot welding, a much higher arc time ratio can be achieved compared to manual arc welding due to the fast and precise welding head and workpiece positioning between the welds.

Our machine park allows us to perform even the most varied welding jobs efficiently and with high quality.

Yaskawa ArcWorld:

Our Yaskawa ArcWorld cell is ideal for welding smaller parts. Its turntable allows the production of products with a width of 1300 mm and a turning radius of 700 mm.


Our Panasonic welding robot cells are designed to handle 1400x1400x3000 mm workpieces weighing up to 500 kg per side.

Yaskawa robotcella


In addition to the already mentioned high capacity, our manipulator welding cell also enables the production of complex workpieces by setting the ideal welding position.


panasonic wgh3ta robot welding cell

panasonic-wgh3-ta-2500mm shifter robot welding cell


Panasonic WGH3 TA

Panasonic WGH3 TA + 2500 mm shifter


Welding equipment:

In the case of robot welding, it is justified to use a universal or individual welding device in order to position the workpiece optimally and to reduce the elongations caused by the heat input of the weld. Our team has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of welding equipment appropriate to the standard size and the nature of the product.


Custom tool maker machine


Yaskawa robot arm

Motoman arcworld welding robot

Yaskawa GP-50

Yaskawa Arcworld



 Custom machines


chauchau custom welding machine

ChauChau custom welding robot