Precise bending of sheets of various material qualities (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other metallic alloys).


The composition of our edge bending machines allows us to carry out the production with the most suitable equipment. Our 63-ton edge bending machine with a capacity of 1600 mm is excellent for fast and precise bending of small parts, but the bending of 8 mm thick carbon steel plates is not a problem on our device with a capacity of 3100 mm with a compressive force of 210 tons.

Thanks to our wide customer base and manufacturing experience, our machines have an extremely high degree of tooling.

Our large number of machines allows us to completely separate work with different material qualities during production.

  • Machines with a force of 63-210t
  • Maximum bending length 3100 mm
  • Up to 20 mm plate thickness depending on material quality and bending length



edge bended steel plate



Edge bending machines


Trumpf TrumaBend V130C


Trumph élhajlító


Jiangsu Yangli MB8-63X

Yangli élhajlitó gép


Trumpf TruBend V 5085

Trumph élhajlito


Trumpf TrumaBend V130

Trumph élhajlito


Gizelis G Bend 3210

gizelis gbend elhajlito gep

Gizelis G Bend 2080

gizelis gbend elhajlito gep