We manufacture a wide range of unique, small and medium series products, based on designs provided by the customer or made by our design team, be it carbon steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum. Our state-of-the-art machine park offers endless production opportunities to our clients
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Laser Cutting
Both individual products and large series production are possible. Precise, modern machinery with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.1 mm. CO and Fiber technology
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Consumable electrode, inert gas arc welding (131 MIG)
Consumable electrode, active shielded arc welding (135 MAG)
Tungsten electrode shielded arc welding (141 TIG / TIG)
Resistance spot welding (21)
Stud welding (78)
Coated electrode manual arc welding

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Robot welding
In the case of larger volumes and tasks requiring high repeatability, we offer the possibility of manufacturing on a welding robot in order to find the most optimal solution for the needs of our customers.
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Precise bending of sheets of various material qualities (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other metallic alloys).
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Press technologies: Cutting, punching, countersinking, deep drawing. We design and manufacture custom press tools. Hydraulic machines: 50-1000 t Eccentric machines: 25-100 t

Sawing & Cutting
Sawing fibers with a band saw, even in bales. With our material handling machines, cutting up to 12m of fibers is not a problem either. Straight and oblique cuts are also possible

Due to the design of the equipment, in addition to cutting and punching, ball printing, gilling and other punching techniques can also be implemented.
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Fastener stamping and welding
HAEGER fastener with crimping device. Precise fastening of PEM fasteners
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Custom tools and devices
Own designed and manufactured devices and tools
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Laser machines

Laser cutting with CO and Fiber laser machines in sizes max .: 3000x1500 mm

Stainless steel max. plate thickness 12 mm

Carbon steel max. plate thickness 20 mm

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Nibbling machine

Nibbling / punching in max .: 3000x1500 mm size

Stainless steel max. plate thickness 3 mm
Carbon steel max. plate thickness 6 mm

Max. Punching diameter 89 mm

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Edge bending machines

Machines with 63-210t pressure force

Max. Capacity 3100 mm in length:

Max. Plate thickness: 6mm / 8mm (stainless / carbon steel)

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Welding robots

Rotators load capacity: 500 kg

Workpiece max. enclosure size 1400x3000mm

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