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We represent the interests of our customers

Whether it is a top-class restaurant, a cozy buffet or one of the fast food restaurants in your favorite shopping center, the food you have ordered is likely to be prepared in a kitchen that has been dreamed up and realized by the experts of our company. Agrikon-Alfa Kft. has been dealing with the complete construction of large kitchens for more than two decades, and today it has gained a significant position in the domestic market.

We believe that our work is rated by the satisfaction of our partners. Therefore, one of the cornerstones of our business strategy is to represent the interests of our customers at all times. With our experience and expertise, we guarantee our customers the best value for money! We are proud that our customers are almost invariably returning customers with whom our relationship dates back many years and even decades.

The secret of our success is the continuous innovation and the strict quality control system that always accompanies the design, production and construction process.The reference works of our company can be found all over the country, as well as in 10 countries of Europe.

Core values of Agrikon-Alfa Kft.

  • High quality requirements
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Complete construction: from design to service
  • Short implementation deadline
  • Professional technology


World class production

The other main profile of Agrikon-Alfa Kft. is the production of welded carbon steel structures. Our biggest partner is the Japanese KUBOTA Corporation, with which we have a relationship of 27 years. We are proud that thanks to the continuous innovation of the production process and professional technology, we can now say that we are the largest supplier to the agricultural machinery manufacturer.

Our products can be found in several country in the world.

István Bihar
Technical director

Zoltán Csikós
Key account manager

András Dézsi
Key account manager
+36 20 444 3380
Csilla Noémi Dézsi-Szabó
Sales director

Zoltán Fehér
Project director
+36 20 464 4290
Norman Garas
Commercial material storekeeper

Tamás Gyurcsik
ERP system coordinator

Miklós Halasi
Sales representative
+36 20 275 4677
Zoltán Homoki-Szabó
Project leader
+36 20 464 7873
Tamás Karazsia

László Kovács
Strategic purchaser

Pálné Kőrös
Commercial material storekeeper

Gergő Kubicza
Service coordinator

Péter Marton

Benő Molnár

Bálint Nagy

Gergő Németh
Quality manager

Róbert Palhad
Accounting administrator

Imre Patyi

Zoltán Patyi

Kristóf Poczók
IT Coordinator

Róbert Punyi
Sales representative
+36 20 252 9857
Tibor Schreiber
Service technician

József Szabó
Managing director

Krisztina Szabó
Managing director

Sarolta Szabó
Managing director

Szilveszter Szőke
Project leader
+36 20 468 5526
Adrienn Szűcs
Finance administrator

Sándor Turányi

Balázs Végh
Service technician

Sándor Vigh
Software engineer

Nándor Vincze
Design group leader

Ákos Vituska

Zoltán Vizi
Sales deputy director
+36 30 207 6363
Norbert Zana
Project leader
+36 20 513 5182
Katalin Zelei
Strategic purchaser