What is a tropicalized refrigerator? And why is it better than a traditional one?

What is a tropicalized refrigerator? And why is it better than a traditional one?


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There are many misconceptions about what the concept of tropicalization means in an industrial refrigerator. In this article, we will look at the question of what is the difference between traditional refrigerators and tropicalized refrigerators.

The question may arise, if Hungary is not one of the countries with a tropical climate (although summers are getting warmer and warmer), then why are we still talking about tropicalized refrigerators? There are places where they are not absolutely necessary, such as in a perfectly air-conditioned supermarket or at a butcher where the ambient temperature is constantly low and the humidity is also regulated.

However, there are plenty of industrial environments where a chiller has to deal with much higher ambient temperatures. First of all restaurant kitchens or cafes where it is not possible to keep the temperature of the work area low. In these places, traditional refrigerators will suffer, unable to keep food at the right temperature for extended periods of time, and their lifespan will also be shortened. Therefore, in such cases, it is essential to use a tropicalized cooler, which ensures long-term stable operation.

Tropikalizált hűtőszekrények különböző típusai

Tropicalized chillers are designed to operate at higher ambient temperatures and higher relative humidity. Technically, these chillers differ from their conventional counterparts in that they have a larger condenser or a larger condenser fan. These allow the chiller to operate reliably even under extreme environmental conditions.

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