Everything you need to know about our commercial kitchen service

Everything you need to know about our commercial kitchen service


At Agrikon-Alfa Kft., we have been dealing with the design and complete construction of large kitchens, the production and distribution of stainless steel kitchen equipment and furniture, and the provision of service background for more than two decades. Our stand-alone work structure covers the service processes of commercial kitchen equipment throughout the country.

As a result of the nearly two and a half decades spent in the sector, we have an excellent working relationship with specialized professional services, cooperating in the performance of commissioning, repair and maintenance tasks. The work of our service technician colleagues is brought together by a service coordinator. Through the user-friendly interface of the renewed website, bug reports are recorded in a custom-developed plugin of the new enterprise resource planning system introduced at the company in 2019. The faulty machine is accurately identified by the customer, machine manufacturer, type and serial number. Consumer feedback on the fault phenomenon is important to us and is passed on to our service technician colleagues. Specifications are essential to accurately define the fault, as well as to order the part needed for repair.

Based on the information needed for repaiOur service colleagues receive information about daily repairs through an application designed and developed by our company, which contains all the details about the fault phenomenon at the given location, so you can see your own service car kit based on this. The vast majority of repairs can be remedied during the first disembarkation, with decades of experience behind them. In the course of their work, a dynamic service warehouse management can also be implemented through the application. At the repair sites, inventory management is also monitored and maintained by the software using an RF barcode scanner tool. If it is necessary to order spare parts to completely eliminate the defect, as a result of many years of cooperation with our suppliers, they will be procured smoothly and as quickly as possible.rs, our service coordinator colleague assigns tasks with the help of a weekly online planner, which is also shown on a map with different color codes for easier planning, indicating the stage of the project, such as new announcements, ongoing repairs, waiting for a part, and it will help us plan the optimal route for the day.

Upon completion of the work, after the digital signature of the worksheet, a copy in electronic format will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer and to the corporate governance system. As a result of the mentioned innovations, the traditional, paper-based worksheets will be eliminated, thus significantly reducing paper consumption, thus enabling the protection of our environment, which is of paramount importance at Agrikon-Alfa Kft.

Our colleagues have outstanding experience in servicing the products of the following manufacturers:

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If you need help because a large kitchen appliance has failed, contact our service center at one of the following contacts:

+36 20 342 9066